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Welcome to my album. Here are my current and past submissions to the Nitro-Music Rumble Jam.

Nitro-Music Rumble #10

Unleashed Force

Theme was to make an anime/movie opening theme, and with my orchestral skills I decided to lean towards the movie theme. I managed to create a really epic transition near the end that I'm very happy with.

Nitro-Music Rumble #8

The town of happiness

Indeed, I misspelt happiness in the video, but it's too late to render again lol. I have used the black note only scale before, and I absolutely love it. It's very easy to work with and sounds great. I tried to hit a "discovering a huge town" feeling or maybe something that would play in a videogame cutscene.

Nitro-Music Rumble #6

Something guitar

I used a guitar, some pads and a flute because why not. I started by using the guitar as much as possible, trying to keep the interest in the song as long as I could. Then I brought in other instruments, and kept changing the rythm. That guitar plugin is really cool would recommend trying it out for yourself. 

Nitro-Music Rumble #4

There's a storm outside

The jam theme was to remake a song in a different genre, so I picked "It's raining somewhere else" from the game "Undertale". I thought it would be cool if I'd make a battle song out of it, but halfway through it kinda turned into this.

Nitro-Music Rumble #2

Your Final Battle

Right after the jam begun, I started planning out the phases of the bossfights, what kinds of instruments and what would the theme be. I wanted to implement the sub-theme as well, that was the original plan, but then the song would have been even longer, so I decided against it. I combined orchestra with rock.

Nitro-Music Rumble #1

A Lone Union

At the start of the jam I immediately thought of a story, where a character is lonely, but after some time, they find a friend or something. This is how I implemented the sub-theme of "Together".

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